- Established on Sept 23rd 1991 and named under E – Nhat Industry JSC on April 2000

- Business registration certificate No 0103000043 issued on April 27th 2000, issued by Ha Noi Planning and Investment Department

- Tax Code: 0101007749

    Main Business Sectors.

- Producing and istalling all products to serve for transportation infrastructure: Safety systems including barricade, signals, light pillars, and others such as casing of bridge piles girdle, steel structure of bridge and road

- Producing products to serve for civil construction: electric cabinets, document cabinets, fire horse cabinet, cable elevator, anti – fire doors, portable file shelves …

- Trading material for producing and consuming

- Agency for trading

-  Building industrial and civil projects.

 - Building projects of bridge, road, port, air port

- Attending projects of electric and electric transformer from 0.4 KV to 110 KV.

- Producing and trading material, equipments, concrete building components, set and pressure stakes.

- Producing and trading metal components under control criteria and uncontrol criteria.

- Leasing and Management Buildings.

- Trading and developing houses, new urban areas’Infrastructure, industrial areas’ infrustructure.

- Designing, Producing, processing, installing pressure equipments, elevated equipments.

    Quality Policy

“E.Nhat Officers and staff pointed out: Quality is prestige, effect and is the best approach to market. Quality also meets well and effectively  customers’demands”.

In order to gain the policy, E Nhat JSC tries to his best to implement these targets:

1. The Company Staff are responsibility for their work. They realized that producing the best quality products to meet customers’ requirements.

 2. Improving professional education, following strictly quality management system.

3. Improving working conditions and innovating equipments.

4. Upholding operation of quality management system.

 Quality, customers’requirements are responsibility of E Nhat members.